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The Sustainable Wood team combines extensive experience and expertise in timber trade and forest sector journalism, having worked with trade media worldwide. We have undertaken market and trade news reporting, in-depth market reports and trade analysis.
Topics covered range from regulatory developments impacting forestry and timber trade and markets, to sectoral studies on timber and wood product specification and consumption. At the heart of our journalism is timber sustainability and the environment; looking at the legal and sustainable management and governance of forests and timber trade and the way wood is processed, specified, used and disposed of at end of life.
We also report on development and application of new products that make maximum use of wood’s capabilities and most sustainable use of the resource. These range from engineered/mass timber products and their substitution of fossil fuel-based and other energy intensive materials, to wood-based textiles, composites, chemicals and biofuels.  Our core focus is the importance of achieving sustainable managment and use of forests and wood now and into the future.